Eddie Kitchen

Bringing a wealth of expertise amassed over four decades within the short-term commercial industry, encompassing roles on both the underwriting and broker facets, Eddie joined the Legacy Family Wealth team in July 2023.

Eddie’s professional journey is complemented by his deeply ingrained commitment to family values. With an enduring matrimonial partnership spanning four decades, he shares his life with his lovely wife. Their union has been blessed with twin sons, who have grown to establish their own paths, thereby contributing to the family’s legacy. Furthermore, Eddie takes immense delight in the presence of his six grandchildren, whose significance in his life cannot be overstated.

Beyond his professional and familial pursuits, Eddie is notably recognized as an ardent enthusiast of sports. He has cultivated a lifelong passion for sports, which is exemplified by his previous participation in provincial-level cricket and rugby. Moreover, Eddie’s dedication and resilience have been demonstrated through his successful completion of ten Comrades marathons, a feat that speaks volumes about his enduring commitment to personal challenges and achievements.

In his ongoing pursuit of holistic well-being, Eddie’s regimen incorporates regular running, which serves as a cornerstone of his fitness regimen to this day. His ongoing engagement with running underscores his steadfast dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and serves as an embodiment of his unwavering determination.