Ebury, are a financial subsidiary of Santander, who specialise in trade finance and foreign exchange risk management. They offer bespoke, proactive solutions to helping companies resolve cash flow issues and limiting exposure to market volatility. Ebury has grown organically by offering unparalleled service to the banks and providing clients with safety and security of funds as well as a personalised touch. With offices in 32 countries, fully licensed in 6 jurisdictions and servicing clients around the world, Ebury transacted $21bn in FY 2021.

Ebury’s services:

  • Trade Finance
  • International payments
  • Currency accounts
  • Mass payment solutions
  • Collections
  • Risk Management

Legacy Family Wealth (PTY) Ltd’s Payment and Foreign Currency Exchange Services are provided by Ebury Partners UK limited.

Legacy Family Wealth (PTY) Ltd is partnered with Ebury Partners UK Limited as a Programme Manager.

Ebury Partners UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (Financial Services Register No. 900797).”

Ebury Partners UK Limited is registered with the information Commissioner’s Office, with registration number: ZA345828.

Capital Adequacy – The levels of capital requirements are based on Ebury’s level of activity. The FCA reviews Ebury’s capital adequacy on an annual basis.
Client Protection – Ebury’s client funds are held in segregated accounts, entirely separate from their own operating accounts, so client funds are always safeguarded.
Robust Internal Risk Management – Ebury has strict governance and operational processes in place to scrutinise the accuracy of each of their transactions, with appropriate involvement from their Directors. Compliance with Ebury’s governance and processes is regularly audited.


Our vast industry experience has taught us that certain fee structures can severely hamper the value of our clients’ portfolios. As trusted investment partners, Legacy is solely focused on growing – not detracting – from our clients investment portfolios. As such, our fees are not only transparent and competitive, but negotiable and comprehensible.


Ongoing, open communication with our clients means they always know the value of the advice and service they receive for the fees they pay. This ensures longstanding trust with our clients and more importantly, their peace of mind


The fees that each client pays are as unique as the size and complexity of their portfolio as well as their specific requirements. Fees are negotiated in alignment with the interest of our investors, and we seek to ensure, wherever possible, that through our various institutional arrangements it is more cost effective to manage their portfolio through Legacy as opposed to going to an investment provider directly.


You have the right to know precisely what you’re paying for. While fee structures can be confusing at the best of times, Legacy ensures that you are in the know of all the fees to be paid and what they are allocated to. Our expert advisors assist you in identifying all the fees you are currently paying and use our size and industry pull to reduce them wherever possible as to maximise our clients future investment performance.


We facilitate a conversation that defines what our clients can expect from us throughout the advisory relationship


We meet with our clients to determine a foundational understanding of their family’s values as well as to define their financial security and family wealth objectives.


In collaboration with our extensive suite of expert partners, we formulate an in-depth family wealth plan, lifetime cash flow projections and an investment strategy consistent with our clients’ goals and risk tolerance.


Recommendations are presented to our clients, whereafter we initiate a systemised implementation process, ensuring that all applicable steps are taken to execute their wealth plan.

Step 5: Meticulous Monitoring


We periodically assess our clients’ asset allocations to make allowance for shifting market, economic and investor sentiment conditions, while frequently adjusting their living plan as life evolves.

Step 6: Ongoing Support


The Legacy Lineage Model comprises a fastidious and transparent communication plan. Once operational, we periodically meet with our clients to review and update their goals and wealth plans to ensure their money continues to work in their best interests. While personal and external elements may fluctuate, we ensure the funds of our clients remain on a positive trajectory.