Multigenerational wealth planning across multiple jurisdictions

Multigenerational wealth planning across multiple jurisdictions


Central Banks, Interest Rates & your Investment Portfolio

Published Dec 2022 by Jordan Toy, CFA

For the past year or so interest rates have been front page news and have had a huge impact on most investment portfolios so its worthwhile understanding how interest rates are set, who sets them and why. While it may seem boring, interest rates are essentially the cost of money and impact everything from borrowing and lending to the discount rate used to value stocks – they’re an integral part of the modern financial system and have far-reaching impacts.

Staying One Step Ahead of Inflation this Festive Season

Published Dec 2022 by Jordan Toy, CFA

With price increases across the board as inflation persists globally, it’s certainly been a tough year for most of us. And with the holiday season around the corner, it’s definitely worth understanding what you’re in for cost-wise this December.

Going Rogue – Does it Pay to be 100% Off-Grid?

Published Nov 2022 by Bronson Friedman

As we find ourselves amidst the worst blackouts in South African history, new intel has emerged that Eskom is merely in the infancy stage of collapse, implying that our beloved nation – and the failing power utility – have merely scratched the surface of the monumental challenges ahead. This is subsequently off the back of multiple years of mismanagement, criminality and corruption which will take years, if not decades to rectify.

Grey Listing: The Cloud Hanging Over SA

Published Oct 2022 by Bronson Friedman

In 2021, South Africa once again made international headlines for less than commendable behaviour. While our country’s resilient citizens are known for satirising shortfalls and making alternative plans in the face of adversity, a position on the FATF’s grey list could significantly impact our ability to attract vital economic opportunities.


Published Oct 2022 by Jordan Toy

With an abundance of industry jargon out there, understanding your financial investment options can be a complicated affair to say the least.

Predictions that interest rates are expected to rise until at least early next year (2023) means we’ll see a hike in most products and services, but stress not!

Leave A Legacy Podcast Episode #1

Published Oct 2022 by Bronson Friedman

Welcome to the Leave A Legacy Podcast, brought to you by Legacy Family Wealth. A Financial podcast created by South Africans for South Africans.

Our first episode features Megan Harrington-Johnson, Managing Partner, HJW Attorneys Inc. HJW Attorneys was voted “Best boutique law firm of 2021”.

Across the desk – Young Financial advisors

Published Aug 2022 by Jordan Toy

It was a really great experience joining Clement Manyathela on 702 for his Across the Desk feature this morning to talk about investments, wealthmanagement and financial advice.

Inflation and what it means for you

Published May 2022 by Jordan Toy

Inflation and interest rate increases have been the talk of the town for some time now, but what does this mean for South Africans?

We are just emerging from the depths of a pandemic, where global economic activity came to a near halt, albeit temporarily. During the early days most countries instituted lockdowns of varying degrees and many governments and central banks put stimulus measures in place to try to encourage consumers to do what they do best — consume!

Shanghai Supply Chain Snarl

Published April 2022 by Jordan Toy

If you thought standing in a queue at Home Affairs was horrendous then take a look at the number of ships waiting outside the port of Shanghai, China, in the satellite image in this link: Visual Capitalist (each dot you see is a ship). Supply chain snarl-ups were widely publicised in the media at the start of the pandemic but, as this image shows, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Elon Musk, Twitter and Free Speech

Published April 2022 by Jordan Toy

The developments at Twitter have been widely reported over the past few days with Elon Musk recently elected as a board member of Twitter only days after it became clear from a regulatory filing that he had acquired 9.2% of the stock as a ‘passive investor’. The developments at Twitter have been widely reported over the past few days with Elon Musk recently elected as a board member of Twitter only days after it became clear from a regulatory filing that he had acquired 9.2% of the stock as a ‘passive investor’. I find the ‘passive investor’ title curious as acquiring a large number of shares, running various polls on the future path of Twitter and its features, and being elected to the board do not seem awfully passive in nature.

Consistent Investing for Long-term Returns – Dollar Cost Averaging

Published March 2022 by Jordan Toy

There may be some concern around global markets currently with the turbulence going on in geopolitics, commodity markets etc. Often investors see volatile market conditions such as these as a threat and cause for concern, when more often than not, they should instead be viewed as an opportunity to acquire additional investments at lower prices while others are ‘fearful’.


Posted on February 2022 by Bronson Friedman

Everything you need to know about Legacy Family Wealth


Posted on February 2022 by Bronson Friedman

If you’re under the age of 35, you have one of the biggest advantages out there when it comes to planning for eventual financial freedom. TIME

How much you can put away per month is important but that pales in comparison to the role that TIME plays. In other words, the sooner you start, the greater the advantage you’ll have.


Published September 2021 by Jordan Toy

What is a semi-conductor – a semiconductor is a material product, usually comprised of silicon and is commonly referred to as a ‘chip’ and is an essential component for numerous electronic devices. These chips are used in literally thousands of electronic products and have countless other applications – cars, smartphones, computers and even washing machines all use them and often devices will contain multiple (often thousands of) semiconductors. To further hammer this point home, roughly a trillion semiconductors are produced annually.


Published March 2021 by Jordan Toy

If you thought that we had gotten through the worst of the COVID-related market volatility after 2020, think again! You could be forgiven for thinking that this year would be a calmer year for markets, at least when compared to last year. However, this year has started off with a bang, market volatility as measured by the VIX index spiked significantly on January 27th which, as you can see in the two charts below, aligns very closely with the rise and fall of GameStop Corporation’s share price.


Published February 2021 by Jordan Toy

With the COVID-19 pandemic dominating news, recent volatility on stocks globally and US markets trading at an all-time high, I thought an interesting way to kick off the new year would be to spend some time investigating the impact that attempting to time the market can have on your investment portfolio. To quote Terry Smith, the founder and chief executive of Fundsmith – a fund which has returned 440% to investors over a decade,

“When it comes to so-called market timing there are only two sorts of people: those who can’t do it and those who know they can’t do it”.