Nadine is a dynamic person with a broad canvas of traits: Her purpose-driven and detail-oriented attributes go hand-in-hand with her will to achieve perfection at every opportunity, while her authentic charisma is testament to her positive relationships with her colleagues and clients. Every interaction is conducted with respect towards others and every step of each process, whether administrative or technical, is implemented with the client top of mind.

Nadine holds a LLB Degree from Unisa and has successfully completed Bookkeeping and Contract Law courses through IIE. She is currently pursuing her Attorney Admission Exams to become an Admitted Attorney.

However, her talents don’t stop there. She’s had a versatile career ranging from Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance to being a Candidate Attorney in a law firm specializing in a myriad of legal functions. Over and above this, she held an administrator role in a short-term insurance brokerage.

As evidence of Nadine’s remarkable work ethic, she wholeheartedly embraces the philosophy: “Show value, create an experience, and always strive to succeed customers’ expectations.” – Shep Hyken