Peter has been involved in the treasury and foreign exchange industry since the beginning of 2020. He joined Legacy Family Wealth’s treasury department in early 2023 with a keen interest to help develop and grow the current FX subsidiary. With his knowledge and expertise he has been pivotal in providing key market insights, structuring and manging accounts and ensuring clients save significantly on their offshore payment margins. Peter also has a keen interest on financial markets and equities. This after spending several years assisting clients externalize as well as introduce funds for local and foreign investment.


Prior to Peter starting his journey in the Financial industry, he spent some time working as a BEE Verification Analyst and Auditor, scoring large corporates against the BEE scorecard as well as providing consulting advice on procurement and areas in which they can improve. Peter attended the University of Pretoria for three years pursuing his BCom Financial Management, thereafter, he embarked on a year travelling and working abroad before returning home with a renewed vigour coupled with a burning desire to succeed and build his career in the financial services industry. 


In his downtime Peter enjoys cooking, playing golf and padel with friends, socialising and spending time with loved ones, as well as heading to the gym, being out in nature on a hike or run or reading a good book. Peter is also a keen sports fan, never missing a beat on all things rugby, soccer and cricket related. When not socialising or being active, Peter loves to keep abreast with current affairs.


Peter holds onto a simple philosophy : “Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure – Aisha Tyler.”